Rojos Salsa

Inspired Salsas


Black Bean & Corn, Fire Roasted Tomato & Green Chile, Mango Chipotle and Tomatillo Avocado

The Rojo’s Inspired Salsa line is inspired by the creativity of today’s cutting-edge chefs and the foods found in the hottest culinary kitchens. Harkening back to our roots and the regions of Mexico, this line features authentic Mexican salsas with a modern twist. Tasty but not pretentious—offering trendy new taco truck style with the favorite, neighborhood, family-run Mexican restaurant flavor you crave. This “Oh, so good” delicious salsa that you couldn’t find at the grocery store… until now!



Mexican cuisine is built on corn, beans and chiles, and Rojo’s has combined these three elements into this flavorful and colorful blend of fantastic-tasting salsa. A great accompaniment to carnitas, tacos or tortilla chips. But don’t stop there. It is terrific as a fiesta baked potato topper, great as a salad topper – and the uses stretch as far as your imagination.



This salsa is made in the “Molcajete” (mortar & pestle) style. Molcajete has been used for centuries in Mexico to prepare salsas of all kinds, and have just enough rough surface and grinding action to break the ingredients into irregular pieces and release the flavors and oils in a way that is different than cutting with a knife. Roasted tomatoes, roasted green chiles, roasted tomatillos in a thick, rustic sauce that is different and delicious. Full of flavor – any time you crave a great salsa – with chips or perfect with any dish.



Tropical fruit salsas were most likely brought from the Caribbean. Mexican cooking uses the natural sweet/tart contrast in a well-balanced mango salsa in traditional foods. This salsa combines lightly sweet and tangy flavors with a touch of smoky chipotle and beautiful bright colors. It can be used to flavor your favorite dishes, from grilled chicken to fish tacos or salad – or just for snacking with your favorite chips.



Tomatillos, a cousin to the tomato, and avocados are common Mexican food staples, and are often used in Salsa Verde as the primary ingredient. By adding the rich flavor, oils and texture of avocado, Rojo’s delivers a thick yet smooth textured salsa with a little kick. Perfect with chips, or simply delicious to cook with. Try slow cooking pork roast with a cup of Tomatillo Avocado Salsa for 2 hours for delicious Pork Chile Verde. Also tasty served atop grilled chicken, beef or salmon.