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Rojo’s makes fun, flavorful foods that make people happy.

Rojo’s Salsa began in 1985, in Los Angeles, California by a group of friends and their families who sought after a fresh and flavorful salsa that, at the time were not available in grocery stores.

They knew a salsa of its kind would call for fresh and quality ingredients and with a family recipe (which has been tried and true by many generations) lead to a family business that set out to produce the best salsa in Los Angeles.

Today, Rojo’s Salsa continues the tradition in delivering the best salsas and dips by sourcing the freshest ingredients which remain the foundation of all our products.

Our process is simple; use fresh-cut tomatoes, smoky, zesty and spicy chiles, flavorful onions, and regional seasonings. Make everything in small batches; produce using a cold process to lock in freshness. The result is truly superior salsas and dips, modern in its technique, yet traditional in its delivery.

But our “secret recipe” for all our great products is the people at Rojo’s.  We are proud to continue the same passion and care for salsa making just like back in 1985 and it is our promise to stay grounded in our roots when it comes to making salsas and dips.

For more than 30 years, Rojo’s has been a snack time favorite and a flavorful complement to meals.  A definite crowd and party pleaser for any time of the day. Experience the flavor and texture that is uniquely Rojo’s quality.


Rojo’s has a way of bringing people together and connecting family and friends. After all, we believe life tastes better when you share the best with others.



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