Rojo's Salsa



What is Rojo’s?
Rojo’s is a delicious line of fun, flavorful foods that make people happy. We offer artisan-crafted,  fresh-cut salsas to deliver great, homemade taste that celebrates our authentic Mexican family tradition. From our family to yours.

What makes Rojo’s different from jarred salsa?
Unlike jarred salsa, Rojo’s salsas are made in small batches using premium, fresh cut ingredients and seasoned to perfection to deliver great, homemade taste. Rojo’s salsa is cold processed for fresh flavor unlike jarred salsa which is cooked.

Why was Rojo’s created?
Rojo’s was created with the belief that life tastes better when you share the best with others!

Where is Rojo’s headquartered?
Our products are manufactured in Cypress, CA and our parent company, Lakeview Farms, is headquartered in Delphos, OH.

When was Rojo’s founded?
Rojo’s was founded in 1985 with a secret homemade salsa recipe made by a family in Mexico and brought to the U.S. Rojo’s delivers authentic flavor to every salsa variety.

Are Rojo’s products/Gluten-free/ Kosher?
All Rojo’s salsas are gluten free. All Rojo’s salsa are certified Kosher.

How much does Rojo’s cost?
Rojo’s salsas pricing ranges from $3.29 – $4.59. Our 5-layer dips are $4.99! Enjoy!




Where can I buy your product?
You can find Rojo’s at your local Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, Albertsons, Ralph’s, Stater Bros. and Winco! Also available in Sam’s and Costco Clubs. Enjoy!

What part of the grocery store can I find Rojo’s in?
Rojo’s fresh salsas can be found in the refrigerated case in the deli, dairy or produce departments of your grocery store.




How long is the shelf life after opening?
The shelf life after opening varies on how it is stored and used. If the product remains at room temperature for 2-4 hours then discard. If the product is portioned out  for immediate consumption and the remaining put back in the fridge then it is good for one to two weeks. As a general rule enjoy Rojo’s within 5 – 7 days after opening.

Can you freeze Rojo’s Salsa?
Rojo’s is best served refrigerated. We do not recommend freezing our salsas

Is Rojo’s only used as a dipping salsa?
Rojo’s is more than just a tasty chip dip! Incorporate Rojo’s into a variety of foods to make a flavorful and healthful dish!