Rojos Salsa


Rojo’s makes fun, flavorful foods that make people happy.

Founded in 1985, Rojo’s has a rich heritage in refrigerated foods, which began with a secret homemade salsa recipe made by a family in Mexico and brought to the U.S.

Today, Rojo’s is the industry leader in refrigerated, fresh-cut salsa, offering a complete line of fresh, restaurant-quality refrigerated salsas that are the gold standard in the marketplace. At the heart of the company’s 30-year legacy is artisan-crafted salsas and Mexican dips, which are made in small batches using premium, fresh cut ingredients in order to deliver great, homemade taste and freshness.

Unlike other brands in the refrigerated case, Rojo’s salsas are hand crafted with fresh cut tomatoes, onions and peppers using a small batch, cold process, and then seasoned to perfection to deliver authentic Mexican flavor. Every bite of Rojo’s salsa tastes special. With its complexity of flavors, we like to think of it as ‘fun in a tub’. A salsa that brings people together for good times.

Rojo’s Mexican layer dips are unsurpassed in quality and taste. The flavors are full of life and spirit. Simply dig in with a tortilla chip and enjoy the party. Layers of beans, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and cheddar cheese – delicious was never this much fun.

To get the party started, just grab a tub of Rojo’s salsa or one of our classic layer dips. This is any time, any occasion, fun food.

Rojo’s has a way of bringing people together and connecting family and friends. After all, we believe life tastes better when you share the best with others.



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